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    Imbros Gorge, Sfakia


Imbros Gorge (Nimbros) located in the southwest of Crete, Chania and specifically Sfakia municipality. It is the second most "famous" Gorge of Chania after Samaria. Samaria is the most famous, but it’s a strenuous trek. Imbros, though, is a gorge for everyone. The descent is relatively easy and the natural environment is rich. Its length is about 8 km and the crossing does not require more than three hours of hiking. It vertically traverses the island, parallel to the Samaria Gorge. The most impressive part of Imbros Gorge is the point called "stone gates", it is sharply limited in width, which barely reaches two meters, while the vertical cliffs rise to a height of 300 meters. It is one of the few Cretan gorges whose exit is far from the coast and it leads to the village Komitades.


You can visit Imbros Gorge from Agia Galini with rental car (about 90min) or with scheduled day trips with


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