Tesseris Martires Church

Τέσσερις Μάρτυρες Αγία Γαλήνη, Tesseris Martires Church Agia Galini

Tesseris Martires Church


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    Agia Galini


The main church in Agia Galini is dedicated to the Agii Tesseris Martires (The Saints Four Martyrs - George, Angelis, Manuel and Nicholas) that were born and lived in the nearby Melabes village.

During the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Turks, the four Martyrs were detained , tortured and then decapitated for refusing to convert to Islam. Their execution - sanctification took place at the Great Gate of Rethymnon on October 28, 1824.
Their holy relics were buried next to St. George Pervolia of Rethymnon. Today the relics are found in the Monastery of Arkadi, Rethymnon, Melambes, Athens, Agia Galini.

The church service is done on every Christian memorial - celebration (e.g 15th of August - The Assumption of the Virgin) and in every weekend evening and Sunday morning.

It's a great chance for praying, worship and to feel the solemn ecclesiastical atmosphere among the locals.


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