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Timbaki & Mires Bazaar


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    Timbaki - Mires


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Timbaki Bazaar: Timbaki is a near town (13 km from Agia Galini) in Heraklion prefecture, every friday morning a bazaar take place there, it is a very popular bazaar among the locals and many visitors that might find about it. It take place on a small street parallel to the main avenue that cross Timbaki town.
In this Bazaar you can find everything you can think, from local fresh fruits and vegetables to souvenirs, dresses, shoes, swimsuits, it depends how much time you spend looking! It is a worth visiting happening and a chance to get a feeling of the locals and ofcourse for shopping!!

Mires Bazaar: If you lost your chance to go to Timbaki Bazaar don't worry, on saturdays morning the bazaar goes to Mires a town next to Timbaki (25km from Agia Galini), where you can have your shopping spree!! It takes place on the main street from Heraklion to Agia Galini, if you with your car from Agia Galini you will have to follow the right side road (parallel to bazaar street), park your car here (it might get tricky but there is always some place ;-) and walk 50m towards the loud people to get in the bazaar.

The Bazaar start early in the morning and last until 14:00.

Do not forget to enjoy a nice cold cinnamon drink , it's like a bazaar tradition in Crete!


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