Blue Bar

The Blue Bar Agia Galini, μπλου μπαρ Αγία Γαλήνη

Blue Bar



Heinz and Eleftheria run "Blue Bar" a small cozy bar / pub located in the small street from the port of Agia Galini toward the center. In "Blue" you can enjoy a cold beer, a drink or a cocktail with a game of darts!

With a wonderful rock & jazz culture decoration "Blue Bar" is ideal for a drink especially if you like rock music, but Heinz as a musician likes all kinds of music so you will probably hear all-time hits but if you want to hear a specific song just name it, he will surely add it to the playlist ! Darts is an important aspect of the nightlife in the Bar, many local and visiting dart players come here to practice or to have a competitive darts game, the atmosphere and the lighting is excellent for this sport and you can always find someone to play against or enjoy a drink while watching people honing their skills.

Have fun and enjoy your stay, Heinz & Eleftheria.





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